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Styling Services

 StylistSenior StylistCutting DirectorElle Martin
Ladies' Cut and Blow Dry / Dry Cut££££
All hair washes include a relaxing shampoo massage and hair conditioning.
Wash, Cut & Blow Dry36424448
Wash, Re-Style & Blow Dry44485054
Dry Trim of existing style (max 2 inches)21252629
For very long or thick hair, or for hair that needs straightening before Dry Cutting, please add £6. Hair must be freshly washed at home please before coming in for a dry trim
Wet Cut25293135
Ladies' Blow Dries
Wash & Blow Dry (above shoulder)21222427
Wash & Blow Dry (below shoulder)22252729
Rough Dry13131313
Ladies' Hair Up-DoFrom £32From £34 (price on application)From £35
For a blow dry with curls please add £6 for the extra time this takes.
 StylistSenior StylistCutting DirectorElle Martin
Hair Regeneration and Conditioning Treatments££££
Olaplex 30 minute Hair Regeneration Treatment 28.5028.5028.5028.50
Oil Reflections Hair Conditioning Treatment 14141414
 Senior StylistCutting DirectorElle Martin
Gentlemen's Styling Services£££
Dry Cut181920
Cut and Blow Dry222324
 StylistSenior StylistCutting Director
Children's Styling Services£££
Dry Cut (4 - 11)151718
Dry Cut (12 - 15) 192224
For a children’s wash and blow dry please add £12 to the Dry Cut prices above.

Wella LogoColour Services

If you are a new client interested in booking a colour service please first book a free 15 minute colour consultation. You can have a skin patch test done at the same time and your stylist can consult with you fully in preparation for your appointment.

To protect staff health & safety, clients are kindly requested to wash their hair at home please, on the day, before coming in for a colour consultation or a colour appointment. Whilst Covid 19 precautions are necessary stylists will only attend freshly washed hair. We thank you for understanding this.

If you have particularly long and/or thick hair it may take longer than the standard appointment time to colour your hair. Our receptionist or stylist may suggest that your appointment time be extended by 15 or 30 minutes to allow the stylist enough time. We charge £10 per extra 15 minutes taken.


 StylistSenior StylistColour DirectorElle Martin
Half head (above shoulder)49616265
Half head (below shoulder)51636568
Full head (above shoulder)60727479
Full head (below shoulder) 62757782
Toner application
Root tint
Permanent / Semi Permanent Colours
A full head of colour (above shoulder)From £51from £54from £56from £57
A full head of colour (below shoulder)From £55from £58from £60from £61
Blondor Lightening Process525457
Toner application13131313


Balayage is a highly skilled colour service which can produce truly outstanding results. This Salon has established a very good reputation for Balayage. A precise quotation will be given at the initial colour consultation.

 Senior StylistColour DirectorElle Martin
BalayageFrom £100From £105From £110
Plus Toning£15£15£15


 A precise quotation will be given at the consultation with the Colour Director


All new colour clients are invited to attend a free, no-obligation, 10 – 15 minute colour consultation with a Senior Stylist. Clients can explain what they would like to have done and, if they wish to make a booking, the stylist will do an allergy skin test to protect their health & safety at the colour service.

Before coming in for a consultation clients are kindly required to wash their hair at home that day. Whilst Covid 19 precautions are in place stylists will only work on freshly washed hair.


The Allergy Skin Test must be done at least 48 hours prior to a colour service. A small amount of cream is placed on the forearm and needs to remain there for 45 minutes. Clients will need to leave the Salon with their sleeve rolled up for 45 minutes after the test. They can then wash the cream off.


Regrettably, since the arrival of Covid 19, there has been a significant rise in the number of “no shows” from first time clients.  Consequently all new clients are kindly requested to leave a 30% deposit over the phone with their bank card at the time of making their first booking for cutting, styling or colouring services. This applies only to the first booking in the salon and not to subsequent bookings.

This deposit is fully refundable as long as the client gives at least 2 working days notice of any cancellation. Alternatively it can be carried forward with any appointment change. Cancellations by new clients made less than 2 days before, or “no shows”, will involve forfeiting the deposit unless the client is suffering with Covid19 symptoms on the day or has just been ordered to self-isolate.

Whilst extensive PPE use is required in the salon there will be a PPE surcharge of £3.50 per person.


Our salon receptionist will be very happy to change or cancel appointment times given good notice. All clients are kindly requested to give at least 2 working days notice of cancellation please to allow the salon time to find replacement business. Regrettably there has been an increase in the number of late cancellations and No Shows recently. As a result we have had to tighten our policy accordingly – except in the case of Covid symptoms or isolation requirements.

If you give less than 2 working days notice for non-Covid reasons we may ask you to pay a late cancellation fee or leave a deposit for your next appointment as follows :-

If you cancel the day before your appointment for non-Covid reasons you will be asked to pay a 30% cancellation fee or alternatively to re-book there and then and pay a 30% non-refundable deposit towards your next booking. 

If you cancel on the day for non-Covid reasons you will be asked to pay a 50% cancellation fee or alternatively to re-book there and then and pay a 50% non-refundable deposit towards your next booking.

If you don’t turn up to your appointment without any prior notice at all for non-Covid reasons you will be asked to pay 100% cancellation fee or alternatively to re-book there and then and pay a 100 % non-refundable deposit for your next booking.

Any client who is experiencing Covid 19 symptoms or who has been ordered to self-isolate should please call the salon as soon as possible to cancel their appointment, no matter how late the notice. There will be no penalty at all for cancelling under these circumstances and we will be grateful to you for doing so.

All clients will receive a text or phone call 4 days prior to their booking to remind them of their appointment time and date.


High quality, gold embossed Gift Vouchers are on sale in the Salon for any amount over £20. They are valid for a year and can be purchased either in the salon or via our online shop.