Until further notice staff will continue to wear face masks and clients should do the same please.


We will continue to sanitise thoroughly and to use PPE until such time as it is deemed safe enough to make changes.


Although this is not official recommendation, to be on the safe side, we would advise any colour clients who have had Covid to take a new allergy alert test at least 48 hours before their next colour appointment.


Furthermore, we advise clients who have recently had a Covid vaccine or flu vaccine to leave at least several weeks after the vaccine before their next colour appointment to avoid the risk of temporary hyper sensitivity.



Health and Safety Guidelines – COVID-19


Our aim is to do everything we possibly can to protect the health and safety of our clients and staff whilst maintaining a viable business. We hope these guidelines will re-assure clients and help everyone look forward to their next visit to the salon with pleasure and peace of mind.

We also hope that, in time, the risk of catching the virus will diminish, some of the guidelines and PPE requirements will ease and that we can then gradually reduce the PPE surcharge. But until then we will fully comply with the current government and medical advice in order to do everything we can to protect the safety of clients and staff. We look forward to seeing you and to taking care of you.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us here, via Facebook, or on 01432 370006. We will be very pleased to help you.


  1. Staff will not attend the salon if they display Covid 19 symptoms and will adhere to all relevant government guidelines in respect of testing, tracing and self isolating.
  2. Clients will be seated at consoles distanced from other clients, or between screens and in separated cubicles at the washstands.
  3. Appointment times are staggered so that as much as possible clients can arrive and depart separately.
  4. Console surfaces, chairs and salon equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before each service and the salon deep cleaned at the end of each day.
  5. Stylists will wear face masks, disposable gloves and disposable aprons and will use disposable towels. They will wash their hands and disinfect their equipment before and after every client.
  6. There is a “cough screen” at reception and screens between the washbasins.
  7. Clients will be asked on arrival if they are suffering from a new or continuous cough, a fever or a loss of taste or smell.  They will have their temperature taken with a distanced forehead thermometer and will then be asked to sanitise their hands.
  8. The washroom has an anti-bacterial soap dispenser and paper towels. There are tissues and hand sanitiser available at each console.
  9. Staff will be wearing face masks and we would be very grateful if clients would kindly do the same. But this is no longer obligatory. Clients will be covered by a disposable cape and will be seated close to ventilation.
  10. All staff have been trained in correct disinfecting methods and will adhere to correct social distancing policy within the salon at all times.
  11. There have been some hearsay reports in the news of allergic reactions to hair dye after a Covid infection. These appear to be isolated occurrences. However, just to be on the safe side, if you are a regular client who attends the salon for colour services and you become infected with Covid we recommend that, once you are fully recovered, you ring the salon and book in for a patch test at reception before your next colour appointment.
  12. We would like to make clients aware that, if you wish to change to a new hair dye colour, even if you are a regular client you will need to have a patch test done for this new colour please at least 48 hours before your colour appointment. It is no longer possible for stylists to change your hair colour at a moment’s notice. New colours must be tested first. Please phone our receptionist if you think you want to make a hair colour change. She can then arrange for a stylist to give you a call over the phone for a virtual consultation and arrange a new patch test for you if necessary.


    1. Prior to their actual appointment, colour clients may be asked to have a virtual consultation with their stylist on facetime or over the phone to save salon time and to allow for preparation. New colour clients and clients needing to update their patch test will still be asked to come into the salon.
      PLEASE NOTE – if you have applied any colour to your hair at home you will need to book a consultation in the salon at least 2 days before before your actual colour appointment please. You will need to have a skin patch test done and possibly a hair strand test too so that your stylist can be absolutely sure how your hair and skin will react to adding new colour on top of your home colour. For your health & safety a stylist will not be able to proceed with a colour appointment if she finds that you have coloured your hair yourself, have not informed us of this and consequently a recent patch test has not been done in the salon.
    2.  Each client will be asked to pay a surcharge of £3.50. Salons have to purchase all their own PPE with no government assistance and set aside 15 minutes after each client to clean. Unfortunately this is not an extra cost the salon can bear.  The time needed to thoroughly disinfect stations after each client has resulted in a reduction in the number of clients we can serve and a considerable loss of revenue.
    3. Re-booking of appointments and payment will usually be done at the styling chair via your stylist, rather than at reception.
    4. We prefer clients to pay with a card please but we will accept cash where a card is not convenient.


  1. Please do not attend your appointment if you feel unwell or are suffering from any symptoms which are not part of your normal experience. There will be no cancellation charges if you have to cancel for ill health or Covid symptoms and we will be pleased to re-schedule your appointment for you.
  2. Regrettably, there can be no hugs.
  3. Please arrive at the agreed time. There is now no waiting area. If you are early you may have to wait outside. If you are late, your service may have to be adjusted so that the next client isn’t kept waiting.
  4. You are required to wear a face mask in the salon please.
  5. When you arrive outside the salon please ring the doorbell and wait for our receptionist to come and let you in. Please comply with her guidance. She will ask you if you have Covid 19 symptoms of a new persistent cough, a fever or a loss of taste or smell, will take your forehead temperature from a distance to check that it is not above 99.5F and will ask you to sanitise your hands.
  6. To protect our staff, before coming in for a dry cut, a fringe cut or a colour consultation, clients must first please wash their hair at home on the same day as their appointment. Stylists reserve the right to cancel the appointment of any client for a dry cut or colour service whose hair is not freshly washed. Clients coming in for a colour service should wash their hair the day before please.
  7. Please come to your appointment alone. Children who have an appointment may be accompanied by one parent only but regrettably not by other children.
  8. Please speak forward to the mirror when talking to your stylist and please maintain silence when downstairs at the washbasins. If you have reason to feel particularly vulnerable, then limiting conversation to a minimum will reduce the exchange of air particles to a minimum and therefore reduce risk.
  9. Please bring as little as possible into the salon. Please do your shopping after, not before your visit, if possible.

We thank you very much for complying with our guidelines and we look forward to seeing you in the salon.
If you have just read this through after talking to us and you are making your first booking in the salon, please now click on the Contact Tab. This will take you to our Contact page. Please scroll down past the map to the email box at the bottom left and please send us your email confirming acceptance of these guidelines.

It is only necessary to send us your confirming email once, before your first appointment with us. There is no need to write again before any subsequent appointments you may make. But you must please cancel your appointment if you are showing any possible Covid 19 symptoms. We will be happy to re-schedule for you. Many thanks for your understanding and co-operation.